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Rembrandt Roofing Specialists is a local, family-owned business offering roof replacement in Bixby, Tulsa, and surrounding areas, with the highest quality materials and reliable service. We offer a variety of roofing options to provide every home with a beautiful, durable roof that will provide years of reliable protection. Our skilled roofers have more than 20 years of experience for a job that is always done right. 

When to Replace Your Roof 

The roof is an essential part of your house that protects your home from the elements. A leaky or damaged roof can lead to water infiltration, which can cause interior damage or structural damage. Early signs of roof trouble are often overlooked, but watching for warning signals of a roof problem can protect your home from serious damage and the need for a more expensive repair. 

Signs that a roof needs to be replaced include:  

  • Roof age: Depending on the type of roofing material, a roof can be expected to last between 20 and 50 years. If your roof is beyond its expected life, you may want to consider replacement before the roof fails. 
  • Sagging: If the roof appears to droop or sag, it can be a sign of moisture damage or rotting wood under the shingles. Try looking at the house from across the street. If you notice sagging areas, have your roof inspected. 
  • Water damage on ceilings or the attic: Roof leaks are not always immediately obvious. Check for signs of water damage on the ceilings upstairs or in the attic. 
  • Curling or buckling shingles: If you notice roof shingles curling up or buckling, it means the shingles are not securely attached to the roof. 
  • Missing shingles: Loose shingles can blow off during a storm or in strong winds. If you have many missing shingles, your roof may need to be replaced. 
  • Mold, algae, or fungi: If you have algae, fungi, or mold growing on your roof, it is a sign of a moisture problem. 

If you have noticed any of these signs or have another concern about your roof, it is wise to schedule a professional roof inspection. Your roofer can assess the condition of your roof to help you determine if this is the right time for roof replacement. 

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Quality Roofing Materials for Every Home 

When it is time for a new roof, you will need to choose the best material for your home. Popular options for roofing materials include shingles and metal roofing. Shingles are cost effective and available in a wide variety of design and color options to work with the style of every home. 

Metal roofing is an excellent choice for a long-lasting roof. The benefits of metal roofing include energy efficiency, a long lifespan, optimal rain and snow shedding, and reflective properties that can reduce your heating and cooling costs. 

Call for a Free Inspection & Estimate 

At Rembrandt Roofing Specialists, we offer free roof inspections and free estimates for roof replacement in Bixby. We can inspect your roof to determine if replacement is necessary, discuss the options for roofing materials, and provide an estimate for the cost of your new roof. For your convenience, financing is available for new roof installations. 

Give us a call at (918) 994-0880 to request a free inspection and estimate on roof replacement. 

Frequently Asked Roof Replacement Questions

How Long Do Metal and Asphalt Roofs Last?

A metal roof can last anywhere from 40-70 years, although the average lifespan is around 50 years. Metal roofs are a great choice for homeowners because they're durable, affordable, and recyclable. They also come in a variety of colors and styles to match any home.

Asphalt roofs, which are less expensive and more popular, typically last from 10 to 15 years, but can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance.

Do I Have to Get a Roof Replacement if My Roof is Sagging?

There are a few things you can do to try to fix a sagging roof before you decide to replace it. One option is to replace roof rafters or trusses that may be undersized or damaged. You can also install ridge vents or soffit vents to help improve airflow and reduce the amount of heat and moisture that builds up in the attic to prevent the sagging from worsening. If these solutions don't work, then a roof replacement may be necessary.

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